California experienced a net loss of 2.6 million people to other states over the past decade. Since the pandemic, nearly 40,000 businesses have closed.

The truth is, The State of California has a $42 billion “surplus” because you pay the highest gas taxes and some of the highest personal income taxes. In spite of this, our schools rank near the bottom, we have the highest poverty rate, some of the worst roads, and a terrible business climate. We don’t have a funding issue; we have a leadership crisis.

We need to repeal the gas tax and roll back excessive regulations that have increased the cost of every sector of living, from energy to housing. It’s time we stop implementing bad policies that make it nearly impossible for anyone to afford the Californian dream.

We need to keep Californians and businesses here. Too many have given up on California simply because they can’t afford to live here. I will continue to support small businesses, as they are the backbone of California communities. The Legislature treats businesses like they are the enemy. We must simplify permitting and regulations so entrepreneurs’ dreams aren’t buried in paperwork and regulations.