Crime and the Public Safety

Many of the most serious crimes, particularly murder, have spiked. Retail theft, violent crimes, and home invasions dominate the news and put our families in danger.

One of the primary functions of government is public safety. The rights of criminals shouldn’t come before those of the victims.

I opposed Proposition 47 and 57, and I was an early supporter of Proposition 20 to reverse their worst provisions. It is well known that organized theft rings are exploiting the high threshold for triggering a felony. Proposition 57 is accelerating the release of convicted felons with serious violent histories because of legal technicalities in the definition of a “violent” crime. Under the law today, rape of an unconscious woman is not a “violent crime.” California dismantled its Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement a decade ago, simply abandoning its key leadership role in containing organized trafficking operations.  Local law enforcement needs that support. We need to keep our communities safe and hold criminals accountable for their actions. You have every right to feel safe in your community and when you are home.